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"Chopra moves away from the conventional interpretation that paints British loyalists as obdurate elites and demonstrates the complicated, deep nature of the loyalists' relationship with the mother country...her postwar account of loyalist activities clearly illustrates the loss, disappointment, and fear the loyalists experienced in the aftermath of the Revolution. Overall, this is a thoroughly researched and humanizing account of loyalist New York City."

In sum, Unnatural Rebellion may be the best single-volume introduction to the experience of the Loyalists before 1783....Chopra has given readers a well-researched, methodologically balanced, and very perceptive study of a large group of Loyalists facing the seemingly unnatural ordeal of the American Revolution.”

"Her discussion of the Loyalists and their goals and frustrations is outstanding."

"Choosing Sides presents Loyalism in all its complexity....she shows loyalists of all sorts, elite and plebeian, white, black, and native, male and female, making their choices and living with the consequences."